Ignite Your Verve works with businesses to solve their email marketing, community, website development, graphic design, copywriting, content creation, social media, PR and photography needs to ensure every single digital effort is reflecting the core values and mission of their brand. Take our quiz below to see which package is best suited for your business right now.

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This package will cover all your social media needs. We will curate, create unique content, and post everything you need to develop your visual brand and to attract the clients of your dreams. We make sure your platforms present your brand better than any elevator pitch.

  • Current platform audit
  • Maintenance for two social media platforms
  • Curating content for your feed and story
  • Crafting a branded grid on Instagram
  • Complete audience analysis
  • Hashtag implementation and research
  • Monthly analytics


Engagement & growth is the name of the game for you. Your business has entered the digital arena and is ready to take on some title fights. The foundation is established and now it’s time to build! This package handles all social media needs for content curation and engagement, we work to build your audience, display your business’ enthusiasm and track how all digital platforms are coming full circle – Google Analytics yay!

  • Current social media audit
  • Social media management
  • Engagement with target audience through organic development and engagement
  • Complete competitive analysis
  • Hashtag utilization
  • Storytelling through your Instagram grid
  • Google Analytics analysis, management and reporting


You have blazed your digital marketing trail, you have established your identity, and created a strong brand. You now fully understand the importance of your presence on digital platforms and are now ready to fully stretch your wings to reach new heights.

You are ready for the Flare Package. This package is specifically designed for businesses ready to dive, head first, into Google Analytics, SEO, email marketing campaigns, social media and take it to the next level.

  • Everything social media related on two platforms
  • Creation, development and branding of a biweekly newsletter (2 per month)
  • Organic growth of email subscribers
  • Completely customized HTML emails for special events or announcements (2 per month)
  • 5 hours of website management, which can be SEO, editing, development
  • Implementation of Google Analytics with monthly analysis


You’ve established a business, you’re working on a radiant digital presence, making moves, and working your angles. Now is the time to take full advantage of the opportunities your digital efforts thus far can provide. The Inferno Package will build off your efforts and catapult your business and brand to where you want it to be. More than just marketing, we help streamline your business so you can stop being consumed with the details and focus on WHY you love your business.

  • Social media content curation, management and development for two platforms
  • Carefully curated and crafted weekly newsletters (4 per month)
  • Customized HTML emails for special events, announcements or changes (4 per month)
  • 15 hours of website management for SEO, edits, changes, upgrades
  • Curated blog posts – we provide the prompt, you write, we edit and spruce! (4 per month)
  • Consulting – research and discussion on how to make your business run more efficiently on its own
  • Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics reports
  • Outreach implementation and partner development:
    • Giveaways
    • Feature guest blogger
    • Paid speaking engagement
    • Feature on podcast