Social Media


We work with small businesses to curate social media feeds on Instagram and Facebook that efficiently and effectively communicate their brand’s values, purpose and passion. Ignite Your Verve creates everything on social from the Instagram grid, visual content, copywriting and engaging with the following.

Pilates and Yoga Loft

As the Marketing Director, Ignite Your Verve shoots the photos, creates the graphics, completes the copywriting and focuses on organic development for the Instagram and Facebook of The Pilates and Yoga Loft.

Mystic Rebel Arts

As Mystic Rebel Arts’ business manager, Ignite Your Verve is responsible for curating a completely unique Instagram grid, copywriting for each caption, communicating the values and visualization of the brand and engaging with potential Mystic Rebel Arts clients.

Mind Coach NOLA

As the Marketing Director for Mind Coach NOLA, Ignite Your Verve curates an account that communicates the values of Mind Coach NOLA and focuses on growth mindset, self-improvement, executive function and ADHD.

Lead. Educate. Give

Focusing on strategy, Ignite Your Verve worked with Lauren Grube to craft the perfect feed that communicates her values, expresses her creativity and hones in on her entrepreneurial spirit.


Focusing only on Instagram, Ignite Your Verve curates a unique Instagram grid, writes the captions and works on conversions to appointments for the premier lash extension studio in Metairie, Louisiana.